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Kerith Renée - Vocalist

Kerith Renée is a Brooklyn based vocalist. Born in California and raised in Colorado, it is undeniable that she's got sunshine and soul running through her veins.
With a strong and versitile background in Rock, Blues, Soul & Country music she was pleased to bring her down home sound and style to New York City in 2008.


Jimmy Anderson - Guitar, Slide & Vocals

"Little" Jimmy's great big sound and mesmerizing guitar solos have been thrilling blues, rock, and country aficionados around the world for decades.
Jim's sexy baritone really gets the crowds going. Earning his chops as a drummer in the mid-sixties, the 6'6 nimble-fingered master picked up a guitar in the
Jimi Hendrix era and never looked back. Anderson's blistering riffs and incomparable singing style are a familiar delight to The Classix growing fan base.
A skilled veteran of the New York City club circuit and eclectic haunts in the tri-state region, Anderson began his musical career with the popular blues band "Bluzone".
A few years later, Jim joined the Long Island based southern rock band "Southern Heart" In Nashville, Jim and his talented sisters had a successful run with their
original tunes in "The Anderson's." Down south, Jim also starred in the classic blues band known as 'The Boogie Situation.'


Felicia Michael - Vocalist

Felicia's range of styles include rock, country, folk, pop, and standards, covering songs by artists including Patsy Cline, KT Tunstall, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,
Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello, and many, many more.


Gene "The Jammeister" Caprioglio -Guitar, Keyboards

Gene was born in Manhattan and lived in Greenwich Village for a few years before moving to "the country", Woodside, Queens. He started learning to play guitar
when he was 11 years old, and he's still learning. He has a BA in music education and was certified to teach junior high school band, but he ended up working
in the music publishing biz, where he is currently the Director of Rights Clearance and Composer Liaison with C. F. Peters Corporation. The Jammeister has
played at hundreds of metropolitan area venues including The Sunnyside Knights of Columbus, Socrates Sculpture Park, The Bottom Line, The China Club, The American
Museum of Moving Image, Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center, P.S. 125, Bistro Les Amis, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe and many, many more. He has opened for Robert Hunter
and Taj Mahal and once lent his guitar to David Bowie at the China Club. He don't play a lot of notes, just the good ones


Jim Wacker - Keyboards, Vocals

Jim raises the band to a new level of performance. His many years gigging for a kaleidoscope of name bands-
from Chubby Checker to Gary U.S. Bonds---is clear when you experience him on stage.
Jim served as the music director for "Chubby Checker," touring with him extensively. In addition to being an extraordinary player, Jim is an awesome vocalist.
He's given up the road here and abroad to spend more time with his wife and their brand new baby boy. We're lucky to have him for our Classix performances in
New York City and surrounding areas. When you see Jim rock, you'll roll.


Emily Fellner Zeig Vocalist

While originally from the Black Hills of South Dakota, Emily Fellner Zeig has called Astoria, Queens her home for the past seven years.
Though having a strong background in blues, country, and classic rock-and-roll, she is a classically trained vocalist.
She's been playing in some band or another since 16 years old, ranging all the way from polka to jazz to French chansons.
Her voice has been described as, "sweet and old-fashioned," and lends itself to a variety of musical styles.


Johnny Deguilio - Drums, Percussion

Johnny is rock solid, and a total pro. Johnny D has it all. Lou Christie, The Tokens, Gary "US" Bonds gigs are always a pleasure with John, and he's always good for a few laughs also.

Gloria Gaynor
International Recording Star of: "I Will Survive" & "Never Say Goodbye". John is currently touring with Ms. Gaynor in the United States and abroad,
( Little Anthony and The Imperials Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees 2009. Little Anthony and the Imperials have the distinction
of being the only vocal group originating in the '50s that has performed with all the original members up until 2005 when one vocalist was replaced.
This successful group has played to sold-out appearances at concert halls and performance venues throughout the U.S., including Madison Square Garden
in New York and the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. John’s involvement with Little Anthony and the Imperials has been a great joy and highlight
of his career. John says "every time we set out to perform, audiences young and old appreciate these legendary performers."


Lowell Marin - Band Leader, Music Director, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin and Ukelele

I’m Lowell Marin, and I am a musician by study and trade. But truly I’m a musician by heart. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 17 years old, and it gives me great joy to have this expressive reason to be. I’ve played in bands from New York to California, composed original songs and rocked the standards. Four strings or six strings or twelve, the guitar has been a constant companion and close confidant.
Along with my steady gig as guitarist, bass player, writer and band leader in New York’s
CLASSIX BAND, I like to give back by passing my knowledge on to youngsters. This is
something I’ve been doing for well over a dozen years. As my client list has grown along with
my reputation, I now have many private students. I am currently Rock Band Teacher at the
Dalton school, and I performed the same service at Bank Street School of Music from 1998 - 2010. This means I’m in charge of the 9 -14 year old aspiring musicians. I teach them how to play and understand music theory in a rock and roll idiom. My program received wide attention and was the subject of a report on the WB11 News with on-air personality Toni Senecal. The story ended with Toni quoting my mantra - - “you’re never too young to rock and roll.” With my
guidance many students have formed groups of their own and tried their hand at composition.
Some of the more experienced and facile students have performed “guest spots”during my gigs at the Hudson Beach Café. I have also taught at DAY JAMS - - a rock and roll day camp. I also
run “LOWELL’S WORLD”, a quad-annual student performance. A second generation performer, I also have puppetry skills that I used on Nickelodeon,
the World’s Fair in New Orleans, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Disney World Florida. I love what I do, and take great pride in watching my changes overcome shyness, achieve
satisfaction, and reach down deep to tap that core of the universal language: MUSIC.





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